A little red ladybug on a large thorny bush.

The list of differences between Marlborough and San Diego are quite extensive, and writing them down would result in a list hundreds of items long. But one thing that absolutely astounds me is that, at the core, there are just as many similarities between the two, and this little ladybug (ladybird in England), although smaller than a penny, encompasses so much more than a tiny red bug. Instead, I am reminded of the beautifully mundane things that grace both locations: as a child chases after his “mummy,” as the laughter fills the local pubs, as I hear “Cheers!” when I pass people on the street, and as I walk the dog along the River Kennet, I feel as at home as when I bask in the San Diego sunshine.

Although I can’t wait to be back in Southern California, I’m enjoying the littlest of things as I explore all that Marlborough has to offer, and I cannot wait to see what I stumble upon next.


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