High Street and the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds sounds simple enough: imagine a 3×3 grid over your photo, dividing the frame into nine squares, and set your main subject on one of the lines or intersections (Check out this blog for more detail!). My foolish ego thought, how hard could this be?

IMG_1145-001 IMG_1146

As you can see, I didn’t quite abide by the Rule of Thirds. I blame the beautiful blue sky and perfect clouds for distracting me, and the bustling market day for prohibiting me from taking the shots I wanted, but, excuses aside, I will have to keep practicing! Eventually, I’m bound to get better!


The above photo is of St. Peter’s Church, currently inactive. I love how the tower juts out of and above the trees. In reference to the Rule of Thirds, though, the tower should be to the left or right of the center, as opposed to its current location.

In all honesty, I don’t think any photos of this town truly turn out “bad.” Marlborough is an absolutely beautiful town, and around every corner is the opportunity to fall in love with this quaint town.


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