Cooper’s Meadow

One of the conservation projects sponsored by the Action for the River Kennet (ark), is the grazing of a local meadow by the sheep and/or cattle of local farmers.

A little over a week ago, these sheep began work. The group consists of a wide variety of ages, and the relationship really is a win-win-win. The sheep grow fat and happy, the farmer gets their sheep fed, and the grazing of the land prohibits certain plants, such as thistle, from dominating the field, which promotes the diversity that is so common along the River Kennet.

My favorite part, though, is how enthralled my dog gets around these goats. The first day the sheep were in the meadow, he pulled me to the fence, and did this:

A few days later, we walked behind the meadow, in an effort to avoid a very busy path, and accidentally stumbled on the sweetly sleeping sheep, where he did the same thing:

I love how captivated he is by the sheep; he’ll pull me over to them, where we’ll have to watch for a minute or two before he’ll continue the walk. Personally, I think he’s fascinated with them due to the fact that both they’re both four-legged, white, and adorably fluffy!


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