One of my favorite features of England is the public transportation: it is so easy to hop on a bus and travel to as many towns and cities as I want! (Of course, America has public transport as well, but the differences between European and American transport is a topic for a different day!)
IMG_0676 Yesterday, Ross and I traveled to the town of Amesbury using said public transport. It was recently named the oldest settlement in the UK (it’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records!) and we figured, why not?
IMG_0675 We ate lunch at a 13th century pub called The George Hotel, although if the sign above is to be believed, the site has roots much older than that. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere felt like we really did step back in time a few hundred years!
IMG_0678 Next, we took the hike to Woodhenge, Stonehenge’s under-rated cousin (above). Although now short cement poles, this site features six concentric ovals which were originally made of timber posts. Naturally there is some uncertainty as to what exactly this site was used for, but there is a strong consensus that it was used for religious purposes.
IMG_0683 From Woodhenge, we walked to the Cuckoo Stone!
IMG_0684 A stone similar in size to those that make up Stonehenge, this fallen Sarsen stone originally stood on its end. (Apparently, this is one of the stones dropped by the devil. See here.)
IMG_0692 Finally, we saw where the Durrington Walls used to be; these walls used to house a large Neolithic settlement, but today only a whisper remains.
And with that, our busy day concluded. We walked to another bus stop, had a pint while we waited, and made it home just before the rain!

Just two American love-birds enjoying Wiltshire!

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