Prescott Speed Hill Climb, pt. 1

My dad’s coworker, Mark, has a beautiful, cherry-red, 1932 MG J2. IMG_1691 Mark frequently takes it out for events (he even uses it to get his groceries!), and when he invited us to attend the Prescott Speed Hill Climb with him near the end of July, the word “no” wasn’t even an option!IMG_1690 Mark was kind enough to take us all for a ride along the course, which includes some tight turns at a relatively high speed.
IMG_1761 The ride lasts less than a minute…
IMG_1774 And some of us enjoyed it more than others…

Photo taken by a friend of Mark.

But it was a beautiful, atypical English summer day, the wind was amazing as it blew through my hair, and I think we secretly all wished for another ride (except Ross, who jumped at every opportunity Mark gave him to sit in the MG!)!

Photo taken by the one and only, Ross.
Photo taken by the one and only, Ross.

It was a memorable and unique experience! Thank you, Mark, for having us! Cheers!

And check back tomorrow for pt. 2!


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