The county of Wiltshire captivates me. It seems that every town, road, and even cobblestone has seen more history than is possible to recount in a brief blog post.

Our brief stop in Calne.

This summer, I utilized public transport to take me to a few different corners of Wiltshire, and one town that Ross and I explored together was Chippenham (pronounced: chip-in-hm).

Calf statue in honor of the cattle market that are the roots of Chippenham.

We managed to visit on a beautiful and sunny day (a miracle, if you ask me!), and had an absolutely marvelous time just wandering around.

Bustling High Street

IMG_0724 IMG_0722

A swan and two cygnets.

Long story short, if you’re in the area, check out Chippenham, even if it’s just to eat lunch in the presence of some of nature’s most beautiful creations!


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