Flexing Other Muscles

As I return to the routine of school, I am realizing how much simpler summertime is….

Granted, this is due to the fact that during summer, my biggest concerns are sleeping in, reading the things I actually want to, and taking as many pictures as I can in a single day (my record is in the area of 400 this summer in Germany– but really, I must argue that it is Germany’s fault for being so beautiful).

However, this return to a stricter schedule is both bitter and wonderful, for though I am taking significantly less photos, I am forced to think outside of the box. Instead of having obviously beautiful subjects, I am forced to find things that many would categorize as mundane, and attempt to display them in a new light, like so:


However, I am also beginning to experiment in other areas, such as crocheting, and even creative writing.

I suppose my main point in authoring this particular blog is to pose the question: is it acceptable for a “photographer” on a “photography” blog to post about things other than photography? Or is a photo required in every blog? And, really, is my blog more personal than photography?

Please leave feedback if you have any!



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