From A to B

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connected.”

Walking over the M4.
Walking over the M4.

Staying connected in the 21st century, specifically 2015, should be a breeze. Social media allows you instantaneously add friends you’ve just met five minutes ago as well as remain in contact with family thousands of miles away; modes of transportation, e.g. planes, trains, and automobiles, are becoming faster and safer every day; and ultimately, humanity has evolved to be a social creature from the outset.

To a greater or lesser degree, I guess I’m just trying to impress upon whomever may read this, we should all be old pros at connections.

But in reality, time and distance still seem to conquer relationships.

I don’t have a question I’m posing, or an answer to all of life’s woes, but more thinking as I type.

I suppose our best bet is to hope the bridge that unites a relationship is built from both sides, and to remember to make necessary repairs before it falls into disuse.

(Photos via here and here)


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