Lou Bird

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.”

So, there’s this dog. For reasons that are starting to become less and less important, she lives with us. She isn’t technically my dog. But, to a greater or lesser degree, we’ve bonded. We play together, eat together, she enjoys eating only my shoes, and even though I tried to stop it, this little girl, who I fondly refer to as “Lou Bird,” has stolen my heart.


However, at a little over a year and half, or somewhere thereabouts, she really is a tasmanian devil. She wants to dig, run, jump, fetch, chew on any and everything, and be right next to me at every single moment.

So, the photo above is a rare thing. Normally, her pictures reveal what I believe to be her true nature:


These two photos, together, show change for me. The little hellion in the bottom picture is slowly beginning to grow up, and soon pictures such as the top photo will be more common. It is both reassuring and heart-breaking, for this little dog who I wish would nap for more than an hour at a time, will one day no longer want to chase the ball.

Her breed (Kelpie) lives to be an average of fourteen years old, so I’m not sure how much she is slowing down, but it is a wonderful treat to be able to observe her grow.

(I really hope she stops chewing on my shoes soon, though. I’m starting to run low.)


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