The Wind Caves

IMG_1442About a year and a half ago, we explored the Wind Caves.  Being in a place like this, where there are large amounts of rock carved by little more than the wind, truly boggles the mind, and is endlessly inspiring. As a young photographer, it was really difficult to eliminate the glare from the rock. Though some photos turned out well, IMG_1510 there were many that did not make the cut. The image to the left, with the rock against a deep blue sky, was almost excluded from this post, but the contrast between the colors of the rock and the sky, their respective weights and density, and the wispy cloud IMG_1453dancing up and out of frame, was one of my favorites,
even if the white rocks were difficult to capture. Finally, the absolute best part of the day was when my dearest Ross and I experimented with using the caves to frame the images. My absolute favorite photo of the day is the one below the text. With the cave at the top of the frame, the shadow at the bottom, and the shape of the mountain magically mimicking the outline of the cave, this photo turned out to be more than I ever could have hoped for.


We Support Artists

Today, I’m not posting any of my pictures.

Instead, I want to take a minute to share the work of a young and local artist who is chasing her dreams by creating some powerful images.

You know how there are certain people you can just tell are going places? I’ve got that hunch about this one.


If you’re interested in supporting her, she has a Facebook page and a website. Feel free to check her out!


In Southern California, we have officially entered fall, which simply means that the mornings and evenings are cold, but the rest of the day is still beautiful. IMG_2686
Naturally, for Lou and I, this means more time to play, and on a day this gorgeous, we just couldn’t resist the opportunity! IMG_2690 Her favorite game is fetch, so I threw the ball around 700 hundred times (give or take a few), until eventually she decided that sunshine and cool grass were a perfect combination for a nap.
I hope your Saturday was as fun as mine!

Thursdays Are Underrated

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Extra)ordinary.”

If you think about it, Thursdays are really something spectacular.

You go about your daily routine, and before you know it, you’re falling asleep so that you can wake up on Friday.

Really, Thursdays are like a weekly Christmas Eve!

Or maybe not.

The point of this post is just to call attention to an object, a location, and a person in my life that, like Thursday, just don’t get the respect they deserve.


This is my dear friend, Zoë, in the USD Writing Center, with my lunchbox.

There is so much more that could be said about all of these objects, but, at least at the present moment, I’ll be brief and simply say that these are A Few of My Favorite Things.

A Rare Occasion


A rainy day over the Wilton Windmill.

In England, it rained more days that it didn’t. I’ve been back in San Diego for almost two months, I’ve only seen two rainy days.

Naturally, this called for a mini-photography session.

IMG_2635Because I’m still over-protective of my camera, I only attempted to capture the pure little drops of rain on flowers, similar to a post I did a few weeks ago.
Even though I walk by these flowers every day, it was really inspiring to take pictures of them in a new light.
It was a wonderfully crisp day, and I even had some help…! IMG_2646

Explosions of Happiness

Every morning, I have to walk up a hill to campus.
It’s a rough hill.
I always think that, eventually, I’ll get used to it. Over two years later and I’m still not.

But the point is, it’s Friday! Hooray! Today, armed with a dangerous amount of optimism, I noticed this planter full of vibrant greens, seemingly exploding with life (even though its Autumn).

Naturally, I had to take a picture*!


*But it has also been edited!*

My Better Half

After a rainy day in Edinburgh, we stopped into a pub. Photo credit: My dad.

Happy birthday to my best friend, my knight in shining armour, my better half, the sugar in my tea, and every other cliche in the book.

Every day you find a new way to amaze me, and I’m so honored to be able to spend another birthday with you.

With the knowledge that many more are to come,

I love you dearly,