The Wind Caves

IMG_1442About a year and a half ago, we explored the Wind Caves.  Being in a place like this, where there are large amounts of rock carved by little more than the wind, truly boggles the mind, and is endlessly inspiring. As a young photographer, it was really difficult to eliminate the glare from the rock. Though some photos turned out well, IMG_1510 there were many that did not make the cut. The image to the left, with the rock against a deep blue sky, was almost excluded from this post, but the contrast between the colors of the rock and the sky, their respective weights and density, and the wispy cloud IMG_1453dancing up and out of frame, was one of my favorites,
even if the white rocks were difficult to capture. Finally, the absolute best part of the day was when my dearest Ross and I experimented with using the caves to frame the images. My absolute favorite photo of the day is the one below the text. With the cave at the top of the frame, the shadow at the bottom, and the shape of the mountain magically mimicking the outline of the cave, this photo turned out to be more than I ever could have hoped for.


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