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Feelin’ Crabby

During my trip to La Jolla, instead of photographing the majestic waves and never-ending horizon, I focused my attention on smaller objects, easy to pass by without notice. So, I decided to catch some crabs.Crab3

These little devils would scuttle away at the first sign of human movement, making them more than tricky to get a picture of; in the end, I managed to capture a few images I am proud of, especially these two, complicated by the pool of water and dark crack:


My personal favorite of the day.

We also managed to capture this feisty, little guy…Crab5… who we then returned to his home.

These crabs were definitely a challenge; after all, these pictures are not perfect.However, they are my imperfect photos, and I loved every minute of this experience!


Stairway to Heaven

The beach is a magical place.

My friend once told me that “we like to walk on the beach… [because] all the cells in our bodies realize they’re close to their mom.”

With that thought in mind, we journeyed to La Jolla, a beautiful beach in Southern California, to find inspiration for both photography and blogging.Stairway to Heaven

There, I was entranced by the the curves of this nigh stairway. The smoothed stones create a path towards the light, with pockets of darkness dotting the winding journey.

Overall, the beach was a success, where we encountered crab friends, crashing waves, sand and rocks, and, of course, friendship.



To the friends I lost and made

in the shade

of the Immaculata;

To the late nights,


of course,

to the early mornings;

To drinking more coffee

than my bladder could hold;

To the classes on crying;

To the professors who barely tolerated our existence,

And to those whose words changed mine;

Goodbye, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen.

Until graduate school (coming to Indiana, August 2016).IMG_3114

Best Friends are for Nagging

One of my dearest friends has returned for the summer, and one of the first things she did was nag me:

“You need to post on your blog more.”

When I responded that I wasn’t posting because I wasn’t taking many pictures, she simply said, “Well, then take more pictures!”

So, yesterday, for the first time in a while, I pulled out my camera for a beach adventure.

As per usual, she was right.

She knows my good side.

We (I) had a fantastic time exploring every crook, looking for crabs and other shore life, while adjusting ISOs, F-Stops, and focal points.

I cannot wait to see how the photos turned out.

And to you, my dear sweet friend, thank you for encouraging me (like always).

Labor Day

Wow, these past few weeks have absolutely flown by– it seems like just yesterday I was strolling the High Streets of Wiltshire, and today I’m suffering the heat of Southern California while trying to cope with the obscene amount of homework that has already come my way.

I must first apologize to my loyal fans for my absence– there are many excuses that could be recorded for the internet to forever see, but I’ll save them for some other time.

Today, as I tackle philosophical treatises that are on the “duller” side of things and contemplate the semester that lies ahead, I reflect on the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going…

…through their photos to relive some “cool” memories!”*


One Memorial Day Weekend, well over two years ago by now, we cruised the Colorado River on a house boat with family and friends. It was an absolute blast, and the sunset was by far my favorite part.

IMG_1386I’m not sure I’ve seen such beautiful interaction between clouds and the colors of the sky before or since, but these photos are more than just a snapshot of how beautiful nature can be; for me, it is a reminder of the time a dragonfly landed on my leg, the excitement I felt when we jumped off the boat into the still cold water, and when times were generally simpler. Then, all I needed was a sunset to be swept into a world of wonder.

Who am I kidding, it’s still all I need!

*Author’s note: No, the saying doesn’t actually end that way, but it is how I revitalize myself!

The Lake

The boyfriend's family's lake.
I miss England.

There, I said it.

But I am currently enjoying this view, and even though I have been to this lake more times than I can count, my God does it perpetually amaze me. The ripples in the smooth, blue surface remind me of Venetian glass blown before the invention of cell phones. The silence is tender as it envelopes me, and soothing like my mom.

There are worse ways to recover from those nasty bugs I always seem to catch on planes.