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My Better Half

After a rainy day in Edinburgh, we stopped into a pub. Photo credit: My dad.

Happy birthday to my best friend, my knight in shining armour, my better half, the sugar in my tea, and every other cliche in the book.

Every day you find a new way to amaze me, and I’m so honored to be able to spend another birthday with you.

With the knowledge that many more are to come,

I love you dearly,



Für Meinen Vati


Heute ist dein Geburtstag. Ich bin leider nicht da, und ich vermisse dich sehr. Aber heute erinnere mich an unseren schönen Sommer zusammen! Obwohl wir können nicht mit einander diesen Geburtstag feiern, ich freue mich auf Weihnachten! Ich hoffe, dass heute wunderschön ist! Ich liebe dich!

-Deine Tochter, die sehr stolz von dir ist!


Today is your birthday. Unfortunately I am not there, and I miss you a lot. But today I remember our beautiful summer together! Although we can’t celebrate this birthday together, I look forward to Christmas! I hope your day is great! I love you!

-Your daughter, who is very proud of you!)

(And if I made a mistake in my German, I apologize!)

Royal Botanic Garden

It’s hard to believe, but only a month ago I was enjoying all that the beautiful city of Edinburgh had to offer. Although there are numerous noteworthy sites to mention (check out this if you’re ever in the area!), one of my absolute favorites was the Royal Botanic Garden. Although I could leave a variety of comments alongside these photos, nature speaks quite loudly on her own, so I’ll do my best to silence my voice to allow hers to shine! IMG_1484 IMG_1507

The photo of this Moorhen, with his brilliant blue-black feathers, is courtesy of my father and mentor, Dennis Narlock.
The photo of this Moorhen, with his brilliant blue-black feathers, is courtesy of my father and mentor.

IMG_1518 IMG_1521

These stunning leaves are certainly fit for catching water, and probably even able to provide shelter!
A comparison for the sizes of these massive leaves!
A comparison for the sizes of these massive leaves! Photo courtesy of my best friend and boyfriend, Ross.

IMG_1544 IMG_1547

Adventures in Scotland

During our few days in Edinburgh, we snapped hundreds of photos: some touristy, some artistic. Of those photos, these four are my favorite, for they capture either moments that I don’t want to forget or moments that took my breath away.

One of the most memorable aspects of Edinburgh is the interweaving of old and new buildings. We stepped outside of the train station, and looked up to see this:IMG_1357
And a little more than a block away, was this moment:IMG_1360
And after a pint at a fantastic pub, one of my favorite Scotsmen:IMG_1374
And, last but definitely not least, is The Nor’ Loch pub, which took us far longer than anticipated to find, but was worth the pint of cider at the end!IMG_1442

Along the UK Motorways

After spending two days recovering from a wee cold, I am very excited to share pictures from our trip to Scotland!


We drove from London to Edinburgh, which is about a 7.5 half hour trip. On the way there, it was regretfully closer to 10 due to traffic, but the way back was smooth sailing!

My favorite part of the drive (other than eating junk food) was the constantly changing sky and setting. It seemed like we were traveling thousands of miles because the view was perpetually different, and yet we only crossed around 300 miles.

Along the way, there were so many perfect moments that I was unable to capture with the camera, but isn’t that the eternal struggle of a photographer?