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Test Shot

For my first test shot with the new lens, no subject seemed as appropriate as the little dog with the big eyes:

Lou 1

Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the lens. I took a few more shots after this,  just to play, and the midday lighting was perfectly captured! I cannot wait to get some more shots!



In Southern California, we have officially entered fall, which simply means that the mornings and evenings are cold, but the rest of the day is still beautiful. IMG_2686
Naturally, for Lou and I, this means more time to play, and on a day this gorgeous, we just couldn’t resist the opportunity! IMG_2690 Her favorite game is fetch, so I threw the ball around 700 hundred times (give or take a few), until eventually she decided that sunshine and cool grass were a perfect combination for a nap.
I hope your Saturday was as fun as mine!

A Rare Occasion


A rainy day over the Wilton Windmill.

In England, it rained more days that it didn’t. I’ve been back in San Diego for almost two months, I’ve only seen two rainy days.

Naturally, this called for a mini-photography session.

IMG_2635Because I’m still over-protective of my camera, I only attempted to capture the pure little drops of rain on flowers, similar to a post I did a few weeks ago.
Even though I walk by these flowers every day, it was really inspiring to take pictures of them in a new light.
It was a wonderfully crisp day, and I even had some help…! IMG_2646

Through a Different Lens

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find a new perspective, a unique angle, or even just inspiration. Luckily, while spring cleaning (in Autumn), we stumbled onto a relic of my boyfriend’s childhood: an airsoft scope. Naturally, my first instinct was to see if I could use it take a picture or two…

The results?

A new sort of selfie…
Lou Bird!

These photos won’t be winning any sort of award, but it was so much fun to struggle with different F-Stops, ISO’s, and shutter speeds in an attempt to capture the images! Out of around 15 attempts, these were the only two that were even remotely successful, but it was worth it!


Lately, I have been editing nearly all of my photos into black and white.

These subjects are in fact stunningly alive, in both color and, in the case of my pets, in personality.

Yet I’ve reduced them all to black and white.

I suppose there could be any number of reasons for this.

Maybe as I’m returning to the routine of day-to-day life, I no longer have foreign intrigue to capture. Instead, I have the beautifully mundane before me.

Or perhaps my travel pictures are in color so that I can show friends and family, whereas my workaday subjects are more well known, so I can experiment?

Perchance a psychologist, philosopher, or neuroscientist could articulate my attitudes more clearly.

I’m not certain. If you have any thoughts, I would absolutely love to hear (read) them, so please do not be shy.

Sunday Night

In America, Sunday is the beginning of the week. In England (and perhaps in other countries that I simply am not aware of), Sunday is the last, beautiful, and most glorious day of the week.

Now, I have definitely already admitted to missing England, but I’ll do it again. I miss the Sunday Roasts, the grey, overcast sky, the low clouds, the brisk air, the lush green foliage nearly everywhere, and, of course, my dad and dog.

But tonight, as I prepare to end my week and begin a new one, I look over to see my dearest Jude, laying so:


Although this may just be something to console me, I think he may know that tomorrow is Monday, the busy 5-day stretch will start, and I will be at home with him less. Less playing, less cookies, less kisses.

Believe me, Jude, I wish I could stay home with you all day, too.