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Walkin’ in England

Our family dog is a Siberian Husky, whom we fondly and endearingly refer to as “Big Stupid.” He naturally requires to be taken on walks quite regularly, and although he has now moved back to San Diego, I am sure he misses walking through the English countryside as much as I do. Today, a rainy and gray day that is reminiscent of the English summer, I miss it especially. So, here are some of my favorite photos to remember my time by.

Arches of trees
Watching a dog and his owner
Bram, an Irish Wolfhound
A trickle of the River Kennet
My favorite short-cut to town
A directional post.

Homeward Bound

It feels like just yesterday I was landing in Heathrow, excited to see all that summer had to offer, including what adventures Dad and I would get into, and how many pictures we would take. As I board the plane for the twelve-hour flight home, I cannot believe how truly wonderful my summer was. My dad and I had an absolute blast, even if we were just having a pint at the pub, and there are so many pictures I simply didn’t get around to posting, so when I’m missing England, I’ll reminisce… But for now, here are my favorite photos of a busy summer.

Thank you, Dad, for not only supporting me for 21 years, but also for giving me an opportunity most kids only dream of. “Thank you” seems too small to let you know how sincerely I appreciate this, but for now it will have to suffice. I will cherish these memories forever.

Cheers, England. Until next time. Xx.

P.S.: The tags at the bottom of this post link to other blog posts from this summer. There are quite a few, but if you are interested in seeing the original posts, feel free to click around and explore!


The county of Wiltshire captivates me. It seems that every town, road, and even cobblestone has seen more history than is possible to recount in a brief blog post.

Our brief stop in Calne.

This summer, I utilized public transport to take me to a few different corners of Wiltshire, and one town that Ross and I explored together was Chippenham (pronounced: chip-in-hm).

Calf statue in honor of the cattle market that are the roots of Chippenham.

We managed to visit on a beautiful and sunny day (a miracle, if you ask me!), and had an absolutely marvelous time just wandering around.

Bustling High Street

IMG_0724 IMG_0722

A swan and two cygnets.

Long story short, if you’re in the area, check out Chippenham, even if it’s just to eat lunch in the presence of some of nature’s most beautiful creations!

Oh, the Things We See!

When my dog and I go for a walk, it is impossible not to make some friends along the way. Although TNA is a fan of the sheep in Cooper’s Meadow, he really loves encountering other living things, including two-legged and four-legged creatures, as well as those in the “miscellaneous” category.

Bram, the Irish Wolfhound
This one was actually pointed out by my dad, not TNA.
Although TNA was interested in this particular duck, the feeling was not mutual.

Along the River Kennet, you never know exactly what you’re going to see, but it’s always beautiful!

The Beginning of the End

In San Diego, there are two seasons: summer, which lasts from March through October, and the other few months, November through February, are “winter,” which just means that it’s a bit colder, but not


IMG_0729 Today, I looked out the kitchen window and saw this beautiful display of color. Although it has been progressively cooling off the past few weeks, the days are officially becoming shorter and the leaves are beginning to change.

Goodbye, English Summertime. I miss you already.

Salisbury Cathedral

Although there are many wonderful locations in Wiltshire to visit, Salisbury is one I find myself returning to at every possibility. IMG_0706 After walking through town, you arrive at these triumphant gates… IMG_1650 … and as this majestic cathedral pokes out from behind the trees…IMG_1653 …I simply find it impossible not to be inspired. IMG_1659 Standing in the presence of this glorious and absolutely beautiful cathedral, one understands why pilgrims would make journeys that would last years simply to pray. Although my journey will take a fraction of the time, Salisbury Cathedral is a place that I will visit as often as I can, even if it is simply to bask in all of its glory. If you haven’t been yet, check it out!

Is there anywhere you find yourself constantly inspired? Tell me about it so I can add it to my travel list!