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How Time Flies

A little over a month ago, I shared a post titled something along the lines of Shameless Self-Promotion. I had just set up my Fine Art America account, and I couldn’t wait to see what the coming weeks would bring.

Now, a little over a month later, my account officially has over 750 views (!). In all honesty, this really is nothing even moderately successful. There are other members that have tens of thousands of views, but I’m very content with how well my page has done, and am looking to continue!

In order to celebrate, because every modest moment is an opportunity to celebrate, I’ve decided to do a limited time promotion on my three favorite pieces:

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These are available to ship world wide, but you have to act fast– these deals end on October 1 at 11:59 PM PST!

Every few hundred views, I will do something along these lines, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

In the meantime, check back for more lunchbox adventures and weekly photo challenge responses!


Dew Drops

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Monochromatic.”

This week’s blog challenge was straightforward as I read through it: post a picture that only has one color. My first though, perhaps naturally, was to take a picture, apply a black and white filter, and move on with my life.

But that didn’t quite feel right. These challenges are designed to encourage me to grow as a photographer, not just as assignments to be completed.

I wanted to find a way to incorporate more than one color into an image, when I stumbled on this ol’ beauty:


This was taken along the River Kennet in Marlborough, Wiltshire. I originally was going to display it in my Blooms Along the River Kennet posts, but seeing as the blooms weren’t the focus, I decided to wait until the right opportunity arose, and I am truly glad that I did.

As I look at this picture in a more reflective light, I am absolutely stunned. The greens of a relatively mundane patch of grass are vibrant as they hum with life. The dew drops along the single blade of grass reflect a wide variety of colors, from pink to blue, with yellows, oranges, and even purples within every single droplet. Little white flowers seem to echo the green of their neighboring stalks, and the blade of grass dying, just to the left of the one supporting the water, has begun to decay, and now reveals the brown within the green.

Nature really is something special, if you let it be.

Homeward Bound

It feels like just yesterday I was landing in Heathrow, excited to see all that summer had to offer, including what adventures Dad and I would get into, and how many pictures we would take. As I board the plane for the twelve-hour flight home, I cannot believe how truly wonderful my summer was. My dad and I had an absolute blast, even if we were just having a pint at the pub, and there are so many pictures I simply didn’t get around to posting, so when I’m missing England, I’ll reminisce… But for now, here are my favorite photos of a busy summer.

Thank you, Dad, for not only supporting me for 21 years, but also for giving me an opportunity most kids only dream of. “Thank you” seems too small to let you know how sincerely I appreciate this, but for now it will have to suffice. I will cherish these memories forever.

Cheers, England. Until next time. Xx.

P.S.: The tags at the bottom of this post link to other blog posts from this summer. There are quite a few, but if you are interested in seeing the original posts, feel free to click around and explore!

Blooms Along the River Kennet, pt. 1

IMG_1030 I was trying to take a picture of this Purple Centaurea Montana Flower that had captivated me. Everything about the bloom screamed “Take a photo of me!” I wanted to show the world the striking fuchsia center, the light violet petals, and especially the negative space within the blossom. But the above picture was actually my second shot. In the first, the wind was blowing, so this was my original photo:
IMG_1031 My initial intention was to get home and simply delete the photo, no harm done. But then I saw how the wind had actually helped me, and shown me a different angle than the one I wanted. From this view, so much more of the plant is visible, and sure, the flower is itself is stunning; but the incorporation of the base of the bloom, the slight blurring of the delicate petals, and the focus on the lone blossom? I wish I could say that I intended to take this photo, but I cannot take credit for what nature threw at me.

Some lessons, like the Rule of Thirds (post about that tomorrow!), are easy enough to Google search, but others have to be experienced. If I had closed myself off from the opportunity for things to go wrong, which I nearly did, I would not have walked away with such a breath-taking shot. While I cannot rely on accidents to take good photos, they often reveal a new way of looking at things that can be applied to future projects, and I cannot wait to try this one out!