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Für Meinen Vati


Heute ist dein Geburtstag. Ich bin leider nicht da, und ich vermisse dich sehr. Aber heute erinnere mich an unseren schönen Sommer zusammen! Obwohl wir können nicht mit einander diesen Geburtstag feiern, ich freue mich auf Weihnachten! Ich hoffe, dass heute wunderschön ist! Ich liebe dich!

-Deine Tochter, die sehr stolz von dir ist!


Today is your birthday. Unfortunately I am not there, and I miss you a lot. But today I remember our beautiful summer together! Although we can’t celebrate this birthday together, I look forward to Christmas! I hope your day is great! I love you!

-Your daughter, who is very proud of you!)

(And if I made a mistake in my German, I apologize!)



Well THAT'S a unique flower...
Well THAT’S a unique flower…

Today’s lunch brought to us by the University of San Diego gardeners, and their beautiful creation!

As a side note, it’s a bit harder than I anticipated to find and craft these lunchbox photos. There is so much more to photography than “point and shoot,” and I think it is really easy to fall into that hole if you’re not at least a bit precaution. Plus, whenever I try and take a photo of my lunchbox, people tend to look at me with an odd expression…

Every day brings the opportunity for improvement, though!

Drumroll, Please!

Sometimes, inspiration can be a bit challenging to find. He’s an elusive, mysterious, and generally difficult beast, who can persuade the unwary into spending many hours in futile attempt to ensnare him…

… but the joke’s on him! I’ve got ’em!

This summer, at the local Asda, I found perhaps the coolest lunchbox ever:

Photo of Satchel lunchbox from here

There was a relatively steep price tag attached to this bag, though, and due to that, my dad requested he see pictures of every where I take the bag, and thus a new series was created!

Although I make no promises of how often the bag will be featured, I am hoping to showcase the bag in various locations (perhaps even with different people?) about once a week.

Today’s image, seeing as it is the first post of it’s kind, is from my first day back on campus:


For those of you who are familiar with USD, this is on one of the benches in the courtyard between Founder’s and Camino Hall. It was a gorgeous day, and is a great way to begin this series!

Stay tuned for more Lunchbox Adventures!

Homeward Bound

It feels like just yesterday I was landing in Heathrow, excited to see all that summer had to offer, including what adventures Dad and I would get into, and how many pictures we would take. As I board the plane for the twelve-hour flight home, I cannot believe how truly wonderful my summer was. My dad and I had an absolute blast, even if we were just having a pint at the pub, and there are so many pictures I simply didn’t get around to posting, so when I’m missing England, I’ll reminisce… But for now, here are my favorite photos of a busy summer.

Thank you, Dad, for not only supporting me for 21 years, but also for giving me an opportunity most kids only dream of. “Thank you” seems too small to let you know how sincerely I appreciate this, but for now it will have to suffice. I will cherish these memories forever.

Cheers, England. Until next time. Xx.

P.S.: The tags at the bottom of this post link to other blog posts from this summer. There are quite a few, but if you are interested in seeing the original posts, feel free to click around and explore!

Starlight Walk 2015

As much as Dad and I love going to pubs on the weekends, last night we participated in the 2015 Starlight Walk! This 10k walk raises money to support the Prospect Hospice, which serves families in Swindon, Marlborough, and North Wiltshire.

Dad and I before the walk, decked out in boppers and glow-sticks!
Dad and I before the walk, decked out in boppers and glow-sticks!

The walk began at 9pm, just as the sun started to go down, and was a beautiful beginning to the night

The M4 at dusk.
The M4 at dusk.
Walking over the M4.
Walking over the M4.

This walk was significantly improved by the volunteers who constantly encouraged us to “Keep going!”, both verbally and with this positive signs!

IMG_0393 As the night went on, the glow sticks became more vibrant…
IMG_0400 … and near the end of the walk, we were treated to a brilliantly lit garden!
IMG_0398 IMG_0399 Though the walk was tougher than anticipated, it was all worth it to raise money for a good cause, make memories by participating in this unique event, and receive this token to commemorate our effort!


A Day for Dad

Dad and me, circa 1999.

To say my dad works hard for his family is an understatement. He currently works as the Director of Operations at a pharmaceutical plant, but prior to that he served in the United States Navy for 24 years. During that time, he was gone for about six months of every year, but he always took time to write letters, postcards, and emails (not to mention the many souvenirs he would bring home just in time for birthdays). Though he started at the bottom, rank wise, he diligently and arduously worked his way up. Early in his career, he served as a Photographer’s Mate, during which time he learned the ins and out of photography, and it was through him that my love of taking photos (and being in them!) blossomed. Today, he continuously gives me advice on existing shots, helps me create new ones, and is a source of constant support.

Thank you, Dad, for all you do. I love you.