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Yesterday, while sleeping, my blog received its 500th like!

Although this is a modest achievement, I’m happy I have come this far, and will continue blogging, even if imperfectly.

Here’s to 500 more likes, and many more after that!

“500 likes?! I can’t believe it!” -Jude


Lately, I have been editing nearly all of my photos into black and white.

These subjects are in fact stunningly alive, in both color and, in the case of my pets, in personality.

Yet I’ve reduced them all to black and white.

I suppose there could be any number of reasons for this.

Maybe as I’m returning to the routine of day-to-day life, I no longer have foreign intrigue to capture. Instead, I have the beautifully mundane before me.

Or perhaps my travel pictures are in color so that I can show friends and family, whereas my workaday subjects are more well known, so I can experiment?

Perchance a psychologist, philosopher, or neuroscientist could articulate my attitudes more clearly.

I’m not certain. If you have any thoughts, I would absolutely love to hear (read) them, so please do not be shy.

Sunday Night

In America, Sunday is the beginning of the week. In England (and perhaps in other countries that I simply am not aware of), Sunday is the last, beautiful, and most glorious day of the week.

Now, I have definitely already admitted to missing England, but I’ll do it again. I miss the Sunday Roasts, the grey, overcast sky, the low clouds, the brisk air, the lush green foliage nearly everywhere, and, of course, my dad and dog.

But tonight, as I prepare to end my week and begin a new one, I look over to see my dearest Jude, laying so:


Although this may just be something to console me, I think he may know that tomorrow is Monday, the busy 5-day stretch will start, and I will be at home with him less. Less playing, less cookies, less kisses.

Believe me, Jude, I wish I could stay home with you all day, too.

Lunch at Home

Somedays, I end up home sooner than anticipated, meaning my lunch could just be set aside for another day.

Instead, Jude and I took the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy that San Diego sunshine.
IMG_2519 He was actually very model-esque, showing off his physique and profile…
… for about two minutes. Then he had to go bark at the neighbors (naturally).

Happy Thursday!

Water, Water Everywhere

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

There are certain subjects that I constantly take pictures of, like my dogs,


A Pit Bull/Bull Mastiff with a heart of gold and loving eyes.

my breathtaking campus,


and, of course, my love (who is also my muse, but rarely allows me to photograph him).

My best friend.

However, one thing that I am perpetually amazed by– and take photos of every chance I get!– is the Pacific Ocean.

The majestic Pacific at sunset.
The majestic Pacific at sunset.

Being near such an extensive and vast body of water is humbling, to say the least, but it is also empowering.

More of the Pacific.
More of the Pacific.

Dipping my toes in the water feels like going home. It feels like hitting the refresh button.

Even more of the Pacific.
Even more of the Pacific.

Breathing in the salty air causes my true soul to resurface and renews my hope for the future.

Sunrise of the Pacific Ocean; view from Catalina Island.
Sunrise of the Pacific Ocean; view from Catalina Island.

Those crashing waves that dance eternally with the coast remind me of childhood, and waiting impatiently until summer to jump into that first wave. I hope that every opportunity I get, I will wade into the water and reconnect with Mother Ocean.

I’ll tell you everything about living free.