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Feelin’ Crabby

During my trip to La Jolla, instead of photographing the majestic waves and never-ending horizon, I focused my attention on smaller objects, easy to pass by without notice. So, I decided to catch some crabs.Crab3

These little devils would scuttle away at the first sign of human movement, making them more than tricky to get a picture of; in the end, I managed to capture a few images I am proud of, especially these two, complicated by the pool of water and dark crack:


My personal favorite of the day.

We also managed to capture this feisty, little guy…Crab5… who we then returned to his home.

These crabs were definitely a challenge; after all, these pictures are not perfect.However, they are my imperfect photos, and I loved every minute of this experience!


Stairway to Heaven

The beach is a magical place.

My friend once told me that “we like to walk on the beach… [because] all the cells in our bodies realize they’re close to their mom.”

With that thought in mind, we journeyed to La Jolla, a beautiful beach in Southern California, to find inspiration for both photography and blogging.Stairway to Heaven

There, I was entranced by the the curves of this nigh stairway. The smoothed stones create a path towards the light, with pockets of darkness dotting the winding journey.

Overall, the beach was a success, where we encountered crab friends, crashing waves, sand and rocks, and, of course, friendship.

Walkin’ in England

Our family dog is a Siberian Husky, whom we fondly and endearingly refer to as “Big Stupid.” He naturally requires to be taken on walks quite regularly, and although he has now moved back to San Diego, I am sure he misses walking through the English countryside as much as I do. Today, a rainy and gray day that is reminiscent of the English summer, I miss it especially. So, here are some of my favorite photos to remember my time by.

Arches of trees
Watching a dog and his owner
Bram, an Irish Wolfhound
A trickle of the River Kennet
My favorite short-cut to town
A directional post.



Perhaps the most comforting shape, circles are, to me, a symbol of perfection, sohprosyne, and even patience. I have never been able to draw a perfect circle, but, as this article argues, it is impossible; instead, it is just the idea of the circle that drives us forward.

Taken at Schloss Rosenstein, the below photo of spiraling branches is not a perfect circle. However, it shows nature conforming to laws it itself is unaware of, like mathematics and science. As the branches frame the valley of houses and farms below, as they curl into and over one another, the idea of the circle is captured.

Maybe one day these trees will curl into a circle. Maybe they won’t. Either way, this moment of spiraling beauty is one that I wouldn’t trade.

The Wind Caves

IMG_1442About a year and a half ago, we explored the Wind Caves.  Being in a place like this, where there are large amounts of rock carved by little more than the wind, truly boggles the mind, and is endlessly inspiring. As a young photographer, it was really difficult to eliminate the glare from the rock. Though some photos turned out well, IMG_1510 there were many that did not make the cut. The image to the left, with the rock against a deep blue sky, was almost excluded from this post, but the contrast between the colors of the rock and the sky, their respective weights and density, and the wispy cloud IMG_1453dancing up and out of frame, was one of my favorites,
even if the white rocks were difficult to capture. Finally, the absolute best part of the day was when my dearest Ross and I experimented with using the caves to frame the images. My absolute favorite photo of the day is the one below the text. With the cave at the top of the frame, the shadow at the bottom, and the shape of the mountain magically mimicking the outline of the cave, this photo turned out to be more than I ever could have hoped for.

Explosions of Happiness

Every morning, I have to walk up a hill to campus.
It’s a rough hill.
I always think that, eventually, I’ll get used to it. Over two years later and I’m still not.

But the point is, it’s Friday! Hooray! Today, armed with a dangerous amount of optimism, I noticed this planter full of vibrant greens, seemingly exploding with life (even though its Autumn).

Naturally, I had to take a picture*!


*But it has also been edited!*

Break on Through to the Other Side

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

IMG_1650Boundaries are, for better or worse, ingrained into every day life. Truly, at nearly every moment in life, you will be bounded by one force or another. These might be physical, such as the guard rails along on/off ramps to the freeway, the smooth velvet ropes that keep us in neat, orderly lines, or, in the case of the example to the left, a menacing wall to keep your enemies out.

Or, perhaps these will be strictly mental– maybe you will be so set in the notion that you can’t do something for X reason(s).

The second type is far more difficult to overcome.

It is easier said than done, but the simple task of committing yourself to something–earnestly, truly, whole-heartedly–can produce amazing results, and allow you to accomplish things that may have seemed impossible before.

For example, I have a fear of heights. For a while, it was a nigh insurmountable boundary. There are many things I didn’t do simply because I told myself, “You can’t.”

Almost two years ago now, we hiked to the Wind Caves, where I was almost too scared to look at this breath-taking sight.


Thank goodness mental boundaries can be broken.