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Through a Different Lens

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find a new perspective, a unique angle, or even just inspiration. Luckily, while spring cleaning (in Autumn), we stumbled onto a relic of my boyfriend’s childhood: an airsoft scope. Naturally, my first instinct was to see if I could use it take a picture or two…

The results?

A new sort of selfie…
Lou Bird!

These photos won’t be winning any sort of award, but it was so much fun to struggle with different F-Stops, ISO’s, and shutter speeds in an attempt to capture the images! Out of around 15 attempts, these were the only two that were even remotely successful, but it was worth it!


Late Celebration!

Claymore, who is terribly enthusiastic about my WordPress accomplishments (or perhaps not so much).

Yesterday, I unknowingly published my 50th post on WordPress, which is an achievement in and of itself!, but I also had my BEST day for likes yesterday, with a monstrous 20 likes!

Here’s to a better-late-than-never celebration of these modest achievements in the hope that many more are to come!